Vintage Las Vegas





Vintage Las Vegas

 “Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire!”

Elvis Presley said it best, Las Vegas is so amazing, it will literally set your soul on fire! And if you’re a vintage photography lover like me, get ready to fan those flames! Instead of talking about my trip today, (you can read my last travel post called: Viva Las Vegas where I gushed about how much fun I had in the city) I’ve decided to talk about the creative process behind the photoshoot. These photos were taken on Fremont St, a historically preserved area of the city. When I travel, I always research the places that I’m visiting before I leave. I scour the internet looking for interesting locations that will provide beautiful backdrops for my shoots. I look for architecture, unique streets and anything that lends itself to a bright and chic aesthetic. Once I have a number of desirable locations in mind, I plan out my time around the shoots. For example, when we were in Las Vegas, I knew that I wanted to produce at least two travel posts about the city. We were only in town for three nights, therefore we needed to be extra careful about when we chose to shoot our photos. I always take things like lighting, time of day and the amount of foot traffic into consideration. I usually like to shoot fairly early in the morning or just before sunset to satisfy all of the factors that I shared. Next, I collect photos from the internet and create a whimsy inspiration board. For this shoot, I pulled vintage images of women in Las Vegas from the 1950’s and 60’s along with a few modern photos with a similar feel. Finally, I think about wardrobe, angles, poses, and lenses that I want to use. These photos were shot with a Canon EOS 5D camera, accompanied by a 50mm & a 24-105mm lens. After we arrive home from the trip, I get to work on the editing process. For this shoot, I was going for a modern meets vintage feel. I wanted the photos to have a nod to the past with the light leaks and the faded colors, but still maintain a fresh/youthful look. I used the “Art Deco” (wrong era, I know, but that’s what I named the preset when I created it! lol) preset from The Vintage Collection to provide some definition to the photos, add in split toning and fade some of the colors. Next, I layered in a few light leaks to give it that playful look that I mentioned. Finally, I came in with some of my Chic Makeup Brushes from The Brush Collection to soften skin, whiten teeth and further enhance the shots. (Looking for more Lightroom Presets? Check out my premium product, The Complete Collection! ) In the end, I was happy with how the final images flowed together to create one cohesive look. Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about the creative process behind this Vegas shoot. Stay tuned for more photos and behind the scenes edits later in the week.

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