Chic Lightroom Collections for Creative Photographers!

 Chic Presets is an online store where you can buy beautiful Lightroom presets & brushes! I designed the Chic Collections with the modern photographer in mind. Each collection was created to give your photos a timeless look…perfect for portraits, weddings and social media. Chic Presets specializes in delivering beautiful enhancements that allow you to edit your photos with a few simple clicks. Leaving you with more time to spend on the important things in life! The blog portion of the site is where I give my personal take on the world of presets and photography. Each week I share my own photoshoots and travel diaries where you will see the Chic Collections in action. Become a Chic Insider by liking the Chic Presets Facebook Page or by following along on Instagram and get FREE Chic Presets in your feed every week!

Now…follow me down the rabbit hole… and into the wild and wonderful world of Chic Presets!


Signature Chic Lightroom Presets


Chic Presets & Brushes