About Chic Lightroom PresetsAbout Chelsea | I’ve always had a passionate love affair with the arts. Growing up, I was fascinated with photography and film. Nothing made me happier than to sit by myself and flip through photography magazines and quietly marvel at all of the beautiful pictures. I got my start in the photography business shooting local weddings and portraits with my husband in 2011. I loved the creative process of shooting the photos (I was finally fulfilling my childhood dream), but I loathed the process of editing them one by one. When I discovered Lightroom Presets, it was an absolute game changer for my career and my personal life. I could actually have a personal life! Presets sped up my editing process and created the consistency that I was looking for in my work. I began to design my own Lightroom Presets to fit with my light and airy editing aesthetic. In the summer of 2014, we traveled to Paris for the first time and from that moment on, I would never be the same again. The beauty that I found in Paris awakened something in me, something I didn’t even know that I was missing, the desire and the confidence to reach for more! This trip marked the beginning of the Chic Presets brand. I started to share my Preset Collections with other creative photographers and Lightroom enthusiasts online. When the time came to create content for the brand, I decided to use a more personal approach. I wanted to give my customers a destination where they could go for photography inspiration. Drawing on stories and photos from my travels, I began to create fresh and unique online content for my blog and social media accounts. As time went on and I found my groove, I slowly developed a community of like-minded photographers and creatives. Cut to present day, it is this community, made up of people just like you, that keeps me passionate and driven to create new collections and inspiring content for others to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to follow along on social media to see all of my latest presets & travel adventures! 

About Chic Lightroom Presets About The Presets | Chic Presets is an online store where you can buy beautiful Lightroom Presets & Brushes! I designed the Chic Collections with the modern photographer in mind. Each collection was created to give your photos a timeless look, perfect for portraits, weddings, and social media. Chic Presets specializes in delivering beautiful enhancements that allow you to edit your photos with a few simple clicks. Leaving you with more time to spend on the important things in life! I’ve used my knowledge of professional editing techniques and popular trends to create collections for every photography situation. Each preset has been carefully thought out and created to provide you with a light and airy aesthetic. The Chic Presets Blog offers you a unique opportunity to watch the presets work their magic in real time. Watch the photos transform in front of your eyes through exclusive sneak peek videos and behind the scenes blog posts. Become an Insider by liking the Chic Presets Facebook Page or by following along on Instagram and get fresh daily content, inspiration and free presets in your feed!

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